Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas has left the building

The Christmas tree went to the curb today, so sad ! Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday and Chris picks the most perfect looking trees .. it's sad to see it all wilted and sideways on the curb waiting to be shredded. Another year has passed and the tree on the curb signals that it's time to get back to work because work is about to get very hectic.

Dexter had bath time today .. with the holidays we haven't been doing the every other day as usual and he has gotten a little stinky.

We sat him in his jumperoo and he bounced around for a little bit.. he may actually grow to really like that thing. It looks like a lot of fun. I'd play in it if I fit. While that toy seems to be a hit, I'm not fond of the Summer bumbo type chair at all. In fact, I was going to return it, but my mom recycled the box and so now we're stuck with it.

He's so giggly and happy today .. maybe it's because he finally pooed ! I was sitting in the rocking chair with Dexter when I thought I smelled something, but with my nose, I never know for sure. Then Chris came through the door and I held up Dex's butt for him to smell and he said he didn't smell anything so I was like okay. Chris went to call the ortho and so I was still sitting there rocking when I noticed that there was some light yellow stains around Dex's stomach and I thought oh man, cloth diaper, the pee leaked out !

So I went to change him. As soon I unzipped his onesie .. I knew. There was poo smashed up his stomach and caked into his belly button. It was everywhere. And it smelled horrible. I was about to start cleaning it up when Chris came in with the receptionist still on the phone and asked for my dental information. I told him to hold Dexter's diaper open for me when I heard the front door open .. perfect timing !! So I yelled for my sister to come change Dexter and she came in like, okay, sure, rolling up her sleeves .. and the she saw IT and was like ahh !! But she cleaned it for us. :)

Since Chris was home, lucky daddy got to rinse off the poo (thank goodness for the new pair of waterproof shoes). I laugh just thinking about it. Chris has a very high tolerance for things I consider repulsive and he went out there with the diaper and he stood there for a while. I was like, "What are you doing !" and he yelled back, "It's all about angles !".

He had the diaper on the ground and I was like nooo pick it up and spray it. I was laughing the whole time. XAY brought Dexter out since it was a nice sunny winter day and Dexter was looking over at Chris like, wtf are you doing ??

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