Friday, January 25, 2013

Braces & Return to Azeroth

Oh yes, you read the title right .. Chris and I returned to Azeroth for the first time in a long time tonight ! I could feel myself get the anxious-obsessive willies as I stared at the login screen. And there she was .. Zurie ! Oh it has been such a long time. Everything has changed in the game and I played like it was my first time, but it was nice to be back and to chat with people who were on.

Chris also got braces this morning. They look -so- cool. You can't even tell he has braces unless you look at him closely because he got the clear ones (wish I had those back when I had braces !). His teeth are starting to get tender, poor guy. He looks good in braces !

Dexter had a good day today. We took another name between 12:30-3:30 PM and I noticed that last night he didn't sleep as long as before .. maybe because of the nap ? It's just so nice when he's asleep for a few hours and I can get things done, and I do hate to wake a sleeping baby. He went to sleep tonight at around 8 PM so we'll see how he does tonight.

While he was napping, I was looking at his cute face and noticed this booger that was sticking out. Every time he would inhale, it would get sucked in, and every time he exhaled, it would come shooting back out. I took a video, haha. It's kind of gross but I have no reservations about reaching in and grabbing his boogers out. He has some very impressive ones.

We got great news today !! It turns out that we may be able to build our house after all. Chris and I did a celebratory dance as Dexter looked on. :D

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