Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Happy New Year !

While 2012 was very memorable for us and had some good moments (finding out we conceived, were expecting identical twins, meeting Dexter and Max, etc.), it had many, many sad moments and we hope that this year will be kinder.

Contrary to what Chris thought, I did not drink and pass out before midnight (again). Yes, Chris had his New Years shrimp (anyone else have this weird tradition ?). My mom was still sick but all four of us drank some champagne and my sister, Chris and I were watching Downton Abbey until about fifteen minutes before the ball dropped, switched over, said YAY and then went to bed.

Dexter is focusing more on our reactions now we've noticed lately. He also wants us to play with him more and when we laugh, he'll start laughing (especially Chris's evil laugh). He's also holding onto things more. This year will be a big year for Dexter developmentally !

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