Monday, January 28, 2013

Motivated worker

A while ago, we purchased this Summer bumbo chair thing that I wanted to return because I didn't like it. However, I thought my mom recycled the box and so I figured we were stuck with it. A few weeks later, Chris and I were outside and I saw that my mom had flattened the box and used it in her garden and she fished it out for me, I retaped it, and Chris went to Toys R Us to return it, haha ! I had wanted to get a boppy from even before the twins were born, but since I indulged in every other thing I had to have, I didn't get one because I wasn't sure I'd use it.

FC's pictures of her son often have him playing on his boppy and it got me thinking about getting one again since it looked like she used it often and it was useful and so I asked Chris to get one with the credit from the chair. And that is how we ended up with our boppy ! He just brought it home tonight so we haven't had a time to test it out, but it's in a cute monsters print. :)

I had a meeting this morning at work and then we went to see our architect. The drawings look good (even though I'm still contemplating some window stuff) and it all looks so professional and formal .. it's really happening ! We will be meeting with general contractors soon.

I finally got the first draft of my RNs out today (yay !) and that is a huge weight off my shoulders. There is still a lot to do, but I am feeling a lot better about all the work ahead.

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