Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Trying Day

Today was exhausting. Dexter woke up at 2 AM last night, then periodically until I brought him into bed with me, and then at 7 AM .. I got very little sleep and I'm crabby because of it. :( Chris was nice enough to work from home so that he could primarily watch Dexter since I also have a work deadline today.

Dexter was actually pretty good during the day and we even got to take our daily walk around 3:30 - 4 and then he fell asleep afterwards like he always does. Something about those walks tire him out ! I'm not sure how much longer we can do it though since it's starting to get cold again. They even forecasted that it would rain tomorrow even though it was sunny today.

Chris made pancakes for breakfast and they were delicious ! Work didn't start until around 4:30 PM and we just finished (it's 6:10 now) so I don't have to worry about that, whew. I have been so stressed lately and I can really feel it in my jaw, neck and shoulders.

We spoke with the general contractor today and he wasn't able to answer our questions to my satisfaction so I'm unsure what we're going to do at this point.

Dexter tried avocado for the first time tonight and he loved it ! Chris does a really good job (much better than me) at feeding him and we used the cool new spoons we got.. I like them so much better.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Preparing to eat

Today is the day Dexter will try solid foods for the first time !! As I previously mentioned, I really did not want to start him on solids early but the way he has been acting has changed my mind. I also did not want to start off with rice cereal (and go directly to avocados or something instead), but reading the nutrition book has changed my mind and we will be giving him a little bit tonight to taste. I'm excited !

I went into work today (we have a meeting with Doug this afternoon) and went to Target during lunch and bought some spoons and bowls. They aren't the "cute" ones I wanted to get, but those will arrive in the mail on Wednesday from Amazon. These will do for now. I also picked up Valentine's Day cards. :D

My mom just texted and said that Dexter had another poo. That's good, because he was being irritable again this morning. I guess he was just backed up !

I normally post to this blog from home. At work today, I downloaded some photos and was looking for a folder to put them in. I found a folder with all of my old ultrasound and tummy photos from before the twins were born. It seems like so long ago.

Here are a few cute ones I found in a folder of Dexter from when he was around two months. What a ham. <3

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Finances and the Superbowl

I've been feeling rather stressed today due to the whole housing situation. While we can afford to build our house the way it's currently drawn, it doesn't mean that we should because it would stretch our finances and I'm not sure that I am comfortable with that. When I was younger (listen to how old I sound !) I would probably have given in and had it my way at any cost, but there are a lot of other things to think about now, such as Dexter. It may mean a redraw for us, ugh.

Today was the Superbowl and also my uncle's birthday. The 49ers faced off against the Ravens in New Orleans and the Ravens were kicking butt up until halftime (Beyonce performed and it was pretty good) .. then the lights went out in half the field and like my mom mentioned .. it's like mahjong .. once something happens like that, the luck shifts ! Sure enough, the second half was a lot more exciting and the 49ers nearly won .. but fell short.

Dexter's still been so moody ! Today was one of the worst days. We don't know if it's because he had to go poo (which he eventually did), but he fussed and cried all day. He even screamed when we took him for a walk in the Ergo .. first time our neighbors heard him !

Here's the daily photo of him crying in my lap, lol ...

Saturday, February 2, 2013

No news is good news

Today was a lazy Saturday at home. Chris and I started discussing whether we wanted to try feeding Dexter solid food since he has stopped sleeping his 8-10 hours a night and now lasts at most 6 hours (and then wakes up every four hours after that). I've been reading the nutrition book by AAP our pediatrician recommended and it seems like he exhibits signs of being ready to try. I will have to look into high chairs, spoons, etc. EDIT: Okay, I think I found the spoons and high chair I want, but jeez, high chairs are expensive !

Mom helped out with Dexter today (even though she's still sick, poor mom) and it allowed us some time to do things we wanted .. like level ! :D

Friday, February 1, 2013

Tummy time record

I noticed today that Dexter has been sitting straighter in his jumperoo. He used to always lean back and let the chair support him, but today, he was using his abs and pulling himself up so that he could reach the toys up front. It's very exciting !

He also broke his old tummy time record today ...25 minutes ! I was amazed but he was very interested in this rainforest sound machine we purchased before he was even born. Way to go Dex !

Chris and I went to go eat sushi tonight and it was very good and very nice. On the way back, we stopped at Fry's where we went silly on an iPad (our photos are still saved on there) and where Chris fulfilled his end of the bet !

Not much to report otherwise .. my mom is still sick and coughing a lot and I hope she feels better soon ! I also am starting to see the effects of taking the domperidone, I think, because my supply is going up.

Here's a photo of him crying !

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ergo walk

It's official .. I love the Ergo. It took me a while to love it since the newborn insert frustrated me to no end, and even now, it doesn't feel like he fits it quite right sometimes (just sometimes, which is weird), but he's gotten over the "I'm in an Ergo and I'm going to cry" phase and seems to really enjoy it now. We took the long walk around the neighborhood (the one I usually do in a stroller) and he was alert and interested the whole time, though he hated the sun in his face. I had brought a thin blanket that I used to shield him but somewhere along the way, we lost his hat and one sock. :( I'll go look for it later. EDIT: I ran around the whole loop and found both of them, yay ! I wish I had gone backwards though since it was right at the end of our trek.

The thing about breastfeeding (at least, for me) is that I always have to drink water or I don't make much milk. The thing about drinking water is that it makes me have to pee like crazy because I have a small bladder. You'd think I would learn my lesson by now, but I drank some water before our walk and I came to regret it later. We were maybe a quarter mile in when I felt the first urges and I was thinking, no no no ! I just kept on walking and tried to hold it in but I couldn't completely. Repeat that for the whole walk home and by the time I got home, I no longer needed to use the restroom and I needed a change of clothes. :( Also, Dexter's cloth diaper had soaked through and so the front of my t-shirt was also wet.

Dexter hasn't been sleeping well during the day lately. My mom isn't feeling well and so I haven't been using her bed for naps (her bed is nice and firm and he loves to sleep on it) and he -may- fall asleep for a few minutes in his swing or on our bed, but he wakes up quickly. I'm tired ! But I think the walk tired him out because now he's asleep *fingers crossed*. He hasn't been sleeping as long at night either. He woke up twice last night at 2 AM and 7 AM.

I've been thinking lately that I take a lot of pictures of Dexter but not Dexter with someone else and so today I took a few photos of Dexter and me !

After a brief nap today Dexter woke up and there was blood dripping out of his mouth mixed with drool. I freaked out and looked inside his mouth and there was blood in there ! Then he started screaming. Like I'm-in-pain-help-me kind of screaming and I was trying to soothe him while trying to figure out where the blood was from (it was realistically maybe only a few drops of blood but diluted with drool). I called Chris and asked him to call the doctor. Dexter screamed and screamed until I gave in and gave him some Tylenol. Then I nursed. I felt for teeth and didn't feel any. There's no blood anymore thankfully and he's been sleeping since his last bottle.

Watching him nap on the bed makes me feel like he's such a big kid. He looks just like a tiny little person !

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


The boppy just might be one of our best purchases to date. This morning, I set up the Boppy on top of our play mat and plopped Dexter on top .. he loved it ! He was swatting at the toys and grabbing at them even and he spent a lot of time playing. He was smiling and laughing and squealing ! Just thinking about it puts a big smile on my face.

He didn't want to sleep today and I've been breastfeeding so much (as opposed to pumping) that I'm sore (though I do get a lot of reading done). I stopped taking my domperidone becuase I had pretty good milk production for a while but then today I went five to six hours without pumping and only got 2 oz. :( That really bummed me out. I guess it's back on the domperidone for me - I hope it doesn't give me cancer !

I find myself often looking at Dexter and just feeling so amazed. He's such a character and he makes me feel so happy. It's hard to imagine that he's his own little being with thoughts (I wonder what he thinks about .. or dreams about, especially when he starts laughing when he's sleeping), feelings and wants. I can't get enough of him. <3