Wednesday, January 30, 2013


The boppy just might be one of our best purchases to date. This morning, I set up the Boppy on top of our play mat and plopped Dexter on top .. he loved it ! He was swatting at the toys and grabbing at them even and he spent a lot of time playing. He was smiling and laughing and squealing ! Just thinking about it puts a big smile on my face.

He didn't want to sleep today and I've been breastfeeding so much (as opposed to pumping) that I'm sore (though I do get a lot of reading done). I stopped taking my domperidone becuase I had pretty good milk production for a while but then today I went five to six hours without pumping and only got 2 oz. :( That really bummed me out. I guess it's back on the domperidone for me - I hope it doesn't give me cancer !

I find myself often looking at Dexter and just feeling so amazed. He's such a character and he makes me feel so happy. It's hard to imagine that he's his own little being with thoughts (I wonder what he thinks about .. or dreams about, especially when he starts laughing when he's sleeping), feelings and wants. I can't get enough of him. <3

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