Saturday, January 19, 2013

Box of toys

Dexter slept nearly ten hours last night and that was nice ! The previous night, for Chris, he woke often (screaming). We think he's going through another growth spurt because he's been feeding more frequently and has been a lot more vocal (read: screaming/crying when he's hungry).

He's been Mr. Grumps today ! He fed frequently and just seemed overall fussy and not happy (though he'd be crying one second and then throwing his head back to laugh the next). I enjoy our quiet moments together early in the morning when we're looking at the window outside or when we're reading books. He also seems to like lying in his rock n play watching us cook or do laundry (and boy does he make us do laundry often).

I fell asleep for a few hours in the middle of the day .. I can't seem to get enough sleep lately.

We got a very nice surprise today - his primary and our friend CN sent him a box of toys ! It was so unexpected and thoughtful .. and he loves them ! He also loves chewing on them .. he will chew on anything. I feel bad because we had given her our new address and we don't actually go there to check for mail frequently (about once a week) and so our thanks are very overdue. We feel spoiled by our wonderful nurses .. they have already given us the best gift (ensuring Dexter is who he is today) and again feel so lucky that we got to know them. It makes me miss them, too. When we were at the eye clinic yesterday (across from the hospital), I wanted to hop across the street to see if any of them were working but I feel like we were just there and I'm always like here, look at my kid, haha !


It also reminded me that I have something to send as well .. I am so bad at mailing packages. =/ It's been sitting on the piano since before Christmas ! I must remember to get it out Monday ...

My mom is walking around with him again. No one can get him to sleep like her. Thank goodness for moms !

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