Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I love the rain ! Everyone should sleep well tonight. Dexter and I took a nap this afternoon (three hours for me, four for him) and I was worried that he wouldn't sleep well tonight for Chris but he's already asleep, yay.

He had a great day today. He wasn't too fussy, smile and laughed a lot, did great during tummy time, and was attentive and calm. He did drink more than normal, I think, but that's alright ! I'm still waiting for him to start grabbing at everything but right now his arms stay by his sides for the most part like wet noodles.

Today's the third day since his last bath (oops, forgot to do it yesterday) and then I dressed him in my current favorite HA outfit ! We've just started using his sleep sacks during the day (we still swaddle him at night) to keep him warm since it has gotten a little chilly during the day.

The nutrition book my pediatrician came today and I was not pleased. The seller (the book doesn't even appear to be in publication anymore which makes me wonder how good it actually is, but it's from the AAP) stated that the book was in like new condition, which is why I chose it over free two-day shipping and a cheaper price, and the book is obviously old, worn, and used. I guess I can't complain .. it did cost a penny. But still .. I hate it when I can't get the stickies off, and I think I need to wipe down the cover because I have no idea what that spot is on it. Yuck.

Chris went to the dentist today and had no cavities. I can't remember the last time I had a cavity (knocks on wood) which is good because getting those filled sucks. Only two more days until he gets braces .. I can't wait ! Too bad I don't have them also.

I hope we can do nap time again tomorrow. :)

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