Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Lip Hickey

This morning, Dexter was being so cute. I was tired and so I was trying to convince him to sleep. I laid next to him with my glasses off (remember last time I did this .. projectile vomit up my nose) and he turned his big ole moonface towards me and smiled. I smiled and he started moving closer and I rubbed my nose against his. Then he took my top lip into his mouth and started sucking lightly.

I was surprised. It didn't feel unpleasant (until he dropped a big gob of saliva into my mouth) and I was thinking it probably wasn't very hygenic. Then he started to suck .. HARD. It hurt so badly ! I was shocked and yelled once and pulled my face away, and at first he was startled, but then he started to laugh.

It was tender to the touch and very painful but I forgot about it soon thereafter and went about my day. My sister and I went out. At night, when I was about to step into the shower, I looked into the mirror .. and the entire middle part of my top lip was black ! I was like, what the .. and then I remembered the earlier events. He gave me a lip hicky ! And no one had pointed it out all day. :(

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