Monday, January 7, 2013

Family dinner

Dexter spent time with his Popo (Grandma) today since she was at home and I went to work. It feels very strange to go to work now. The good news is that I'm very motivated at work but it's a hassle to pump at work and I miss the little guy.

Tonight went to my uncle's house for dinner. My aunt cooked dinner (ribs, salmon, salad, fruit, mashed potatoes, mm) since we wanted a get together before my sister left and it was fun to hang out with the family. I really love my family and I hope that we raise Dexter to be as close to all of us as I am to everyone.

We played Pictionary with our cousins and that was really fun. I don't think I'm a very good drawer, lol. People get very creative and lucky with some of their guesses (on the money, lol !).

Dexter was fussy the whole time but his Taipo (great-grandmother) and Popo took care of him while we were over there. I apparently missed something that would have made me laugh .. Dexter was sucking on his binkie, then dramatically grabbed it with his hand, pulled it out of his mouth, smacked his lips a few times, then put it directly back in his mouth, haha !

I had dressed him in the cute HA outfit but he peed on it since he was wearing a cloth diaper and was changed as soon as we got there. :(

He ate at 8 PM and didn't go to sleep until 10 PM (too many people most likely) ... and then didn't wake up until 5 AM ! Lucky dad. :)

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