Friday, November 30, 2012

Stormy Day

I love the rain ! I think it's because I'm a winter baby .. there's something about listening to the rain outside .. it makes me sleep better and puts me in a better mood. I woke up at 6 AM this morning because I had left my cell charging on the dresser and my mom texted a few texts and the vibrations woke me up. But no worries .. I needed to pump anyways. I looked into the other bedroom and both of them were asleep. That's a good sign ! I got my pump parts and sat next to Chris to pump. I'm always amazed at how well he can sleep. He doesn't even stir. As I'm pumping, I'm wondering how my book is going to end .. I left off at a cliffhanger last night (at 2 AM) and I am already feeling a little sad that the story is going to be over. I also notice that there is only one bottle in the room. This is a good sign. This may mean that Dexter only woke up once during the night (I would later find out this was true and that he only woke up once at 4:30 AM).

Last night, Dexter finally began sleeping. He drank every hour for two or three feedings and then passed out for four hours. When he woke, he drank half asleep, and then fell asleep again. I'm hopeful today will an easy day because I have a lot of work I have to do. I did do most of it last night, but some of it I need to complete today.

I gave Dexter his first solo bath today ! By solo I mean I was the only one giving it. I was a little nervous but it turned out very easy and he was drifting off to sleep by himself afterwards in his little yellow rocker (I was using my foot to rock it and I was beginning to get foot cramps !) when .. he sharted. Twice. And woke himself up. After that, he didn't sleep well and so I changed him, fed him, and now he's sleeping in his swing and I'm all caught up on work. :)

I'm also looking at finishing up my Christmas list. Though .. I never really finish until Christmas Day. It's horrible ! I'm being good this year though. Honest.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Day of Bliss

Dexter had an alright day last night. He woke up to feed at around 2:30 AM, then went back to sleep. He woke up again at 6 AM, fed, and then stayed awake for a little bit. Dexter seems to enjoy staring out the window in the bedroom .. it is a dreary day today as it is storming .. I love it ! We watched the wind blow and make the trees shake, the water drip off the leaves, and pointed at the airplanes that passed by. He actually fell asleep in my arms which never happens. At around 8-9 AM, Chris woke up, came in, and said that he emailed work and would go in at noon and that he would take care of Dexter for a bit so that I could sleep. Thank goodness for husbands !

I woke up around 12:04 (always 12:04 !) and Chris had washed the majority of the bottles/pump parts .. the day just keeps on getting better. :) Then he showered while I watched Dexter (who he had asleep in the swing). Work is pretty hectic right now but I'll try to get it done tonight. There was also an issue with a 401k rollover and trying to get domperidone, but those of those got sorted out.

After yesterday, I was nervous about spending another day with Dexter but he has been great. He slept until 1:30 PM, then woke up to feed, then went back to sleep. He woke up twice briefly because he had burps, but is otherwise content sleeping on his own. I did some dishes and even got to eat lunch during lunch time !

I'm still working on the book Chris got me for my birthday .. I can't remember the last time it took me so long to finish a book. :) And my Us magazine came .. I don't know how Jessica Simpson could be pregnant again .. I'm pretty sure that's biologically impossible for me at this point. :p

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Longest Day

Today was rough. Dexter was awake the entire day and even though we sang, danced, played and walked around in circles, he kept crying and seeing as how he doesn't cry often, I didn't know what was wrong. He also seemed hungry every two hours. I begged. I pleaded. Please sleep ! But he just wouldn't. There were two moments where it seemed like he might sleep .. his eyes closed .. but the first time, the phone rang (stupid people !) and the second time, his eyes flew open as soon as I tried to put him down. I carried around the new book Chris had gotten me for my birthday all day in hopes that I could read some more of it when he eventually fell asleep .. but go figure that at 5 PM, when he slept for half an hour, I didn't have it nearby and I sat in the dark thinking about how exhausted I was.

There were many sharts today and outfit changes. By noon, there were four of each.

Chris has been doing "airplaning" with Dexter and Dexter loves it ! The look on his face is so funny as he zooms from one room to the other with his little arms dangling down. As soon as Chris changes course, Dexter's head immediately jerks to the new direction. He loves his airplane. :)

When my mom got home in the evening, she made food as usual (thanks mom and grandma !) and then took Dexter while Chris and I plotted some Christmas stuff in the bedroom. At one point, I said, "If I walk out there and Dexter is asleep ..." .. I just knew. My mom can get him to sleep like no one else can. I think it's because she's unfailingly patient as she paces circle after circle with him around the house (she does attribute that to some weight loss !) and sure enough, when we walked out to the family room, he was asleep and she was reading a book. Arg !

I took the opportunity to get some reading done, but I was about a few pages in when I started getting sleepy and sleep won. Chris ended up doing the midnight feeding, yay, so I got to sleep until 3:30 AM when he woke up again.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Painful Shart

Yesterday I fell asleep at 8:30 PM and woke up at 4 AM. I had only intended to sleep until midnight and so I got up and peeked in on the boys. Chris told me that Dexter had just finished feeding and they were both in their respective beds and so I went to catch up on some much needed bottle and pump parts washing. It is a never ending cycle and washing everything took me over half an hour. After that, I told Chris to go sleep in the other room so that I could take care of Dexter for the rest of the night.

At around 5 AM, he woke up again and I fed him. Unfortunately, he decided not to go back to sleep and so the next few hours were spent on and off sleeping. In the beginning, it was okay because I was still awake and we sat in bed and looked out the window and made up songs, but at around 6:30 AM, I began to feel tired and Dexter wouldn't sleep on my chest or anywhere else.

Chris went to work and so it was just us two and Dexter was smiley as he usually is in the morning. I got some really cute photos of him smiling and laughing !


Oh, and a video of his heartbeat through the top of his head. He was fussy for the most of the day; not overly so, but he seemed unhappy. At one point, he let out a very lard shart, and then smiled and just stared at the fan. He loves that fan !

Otherwise, it was a pretty uneventful day (which is good). He's been feeding more often lately and not napping as well - growth spurt, or just him getting spoiled ?