Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Longest Day

Today was rough. Dexter was awake the entire day and even though we sang, danced, played and walked around in circles, he kept crying and seeing as how he doesn't cry often, I didn't know what was wrong. He also seemed hungry every two hours. I begged. I pleaded. Please sleep ! But he just wouldn't. There were two moments where it seemed like he might sleep .. his eyes closed .. but the first time, the phone rang (stupid people !) and the second time, his eyes flew open as soon as I tried to put him down. I carried around the new book Chris had gotten me for my birthday all day in hopes that I could read some more of it when he eventually fell asleep .. but go figure that at 5 PM, when he slept for half an hour, I didn't have it nearby and I sat in the dark thinking about how exhausted I was.

There were many sharts today and outfit changes. By noon, there were four of each.

Chris has been doing "airplaning" with Dexter and Dexter loves it ! The look on his face is so funny as he zooms from one room to the other with his little arms dangling down. As soon as Chris changes course, Dexter's head immediately jerks to the new direction. He loves his airplane. :)

When my mom got home in the evening, she made food as usual (thanks mom and grandma !) and then took Dexter while Chris and I plotted some Christmas stuff in the bedroom. At one point, I said, "If I walk out there and Dexter is asleep ..." .. I just knew. My mom can get him to sleep like no one else can. I think it's because she's unfailingly patient as she paces circle after circle with him around the house (she does attribute that to some weight loss !) and sure enough, when we walked out to the family room, he was asleep and she was reading a book. Arg !

I took the opportunity to get some reading done, but I was about a few pages in when I started getting sleepy and sleep won. Chris ended up doing the midnight feeding, yay, so I got to sleep until 3:30 AM when he woke up again.

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