Saturday, January 26, 2013


Draco laid eggs (finally) !! That was Chris's revelation this morning. I looked, and sure enough, there were a good number of eggs in her cage (at least now we can confirm that she is indeed a she. Drakette ?). I didn't think she would lay so many eggs or that they would be so squishy looking but Chris told me they are soft shelled. I find it fascinating. Part of me is sad that Draco will never actually have babies. Chris told me that reptiles don't get hooked on their young but I swear she eyes Dexter wistfully !

On the other hand, Dillie is getting her cage cleaned today .. I think. Poor Dillie !

Chris got down our GT stroller today and we sat Dexter in it to see if he could use it. He seems to hate his Chicco snap on stroller (but I love it because then I can look at his face the whole time). The straps are a bit loose on him but he's secure enough that he won't be in danger of falling out and today was a gorgeous day and so I took Dexter for a stroll around the neighborhood.

He hated it. This kid hates walks ! But we did get home before he started yelling.

I went into work today (I'm here as I type). Last night was brutal. I woke up every 2-3 hours to pump, and every time I was up, Chris and Dexter was up. Dexter woke up at around 2-2:30 AM, then again at 5ish, then again at 7ish .. at seven, I crawled into bed with Chris and Dexter and nursed Dexter until he fell semi back asleep, but he was soon up again and Chris (poor Chris !) took him to the family room while I slept .. until noon ! Oh man, I feel so bad when I'm snoozing and Chris is all sleep deprived and entertaining Dexter.

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