Friday, January 18, 2013

Eye clinic

Apparently the eye clinic is the place to be on Friday mornings ! Dexter and I left the house an hour beforehand (Chris met us from work) and we got there with half an hour to spare. However, parking took us about twenty minutes ! The hospital has been under construction since before I was admitted and the whole time we were there, parking was an issue. I didn't mind driving in circles until we found a space though since we were early. The security guard wanted me to park elsewhere but I pleaded that I had a newborn with me and didn't want to walk far.

The place was packed. Well, at first, I was lost because I was looking for the eye clinic sign, but it's under the surgical department. We waited in line to sign in and then we waited. Being in crowded places makes me nervous because Dexter is still small. The flu season this year is bad and I've tried to keep Dexter out of public places .. there was nowhere to hide here, though. We did park ourselves in a corner but I did hear many people coughing and wiping their noses.

We got called in about ten minutes late but the nurse was very nice and did some simple tests on Dexter. She held up a toy and he tracked it with his eyes (he does love looking around) and then she dialated his eyes and told us that they would call us back in 20-30 minutes. Back into the waiting room we went ! As time went on, the waiting room did get less and less crowded (and by the time we left, there weren't many people at all, which led me to question if they scheduled all their appointments in the morning) and Dexter fell asleep. I'm glad he didn't start screaming because I remember eye exams in the NICU/PICN .. the babies never seemed happy afterwards.

After we were called back in, we met Dr. F, who was very nice and did a quick exam. He told us that Dexter's eyes were "the best he's seen all day" and that he is still a little bit far-sighted but it wasn't a concern since it was common in babies. He explained that Dexter would come yearly until he was three years old, and then he would be declared normal.

Dexter was so good today ! He didn't cry on the ride over or on the ride home. When we got home, I pulled all the shades down and we relaxed in the room; he fed and then fell asleep as I worked.

He often gets into fits of laughter lately and has been squealing and talking a lot more. It's so fun ! I love seeing his teethless gums and his noises of delight. My mom, Chris and I often surround him and smile and laugh and talk to him and he just smiles the whole time and talks. :)

Also, my cousin (MY) offered to build me a nicer looking blog (thankfully). I'm excited about that !

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