Monday, February 4, 2013

Preparing to eat

Today is the day Dexter will try solid foods for the first time !! As I previously mentioned, I really did not want to start him on solids early but the way he has been acting has changed my mind. I also did not want to start off with rice cereal (and go directly to avocados or something instead), but reading the nutrition book has changed my mind and we will be giving him a little bit tonight to taste. I'm excited !

I went into work today (we have a meeting with Doug this afternoon) and went to Target during lunch and bought some spoons and bowls. They aren't the "cute" ones I wanted to get, but those will arrive in the mail on Wednesday from Amazon. These will do for now. I also picked up Valentine's Day cards. :D

My mom just texted and said that Dexter had another poo. That's good, because he was being irritable again this morning. I guess he was just backed up !

I normally post to this blog from home. At work today, I downloaded some photos and was looking for a folder to put them in. I found a folder with all of my old ultrasound and tummy photos from before the twins were born. It seems like so long ago.

Here are a few cute ones I found in a folder of Dexter from when he was around two months. What a ham. <3

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