Saturday, January 12, 2013

Casino night

I miss my sister already ! I know that Dexter misses his xiao ah yi as well. The good news is that she'll be back soon .. counting the days !

Today was fairly uneventful. Chris took care of Dexter and he slept for a very long time (nine hours ?) and I passed out and slept for longer than I should have. My mom went shopping today and so we stayed at home today .. well .. I watched Dexter while Chris got a haircut, and then I ran errands.

I exchaged a carafe at Storables, exchanged Dr. Brown bottles at Burlington Coat Factory (great sales on them btw), picked up a dress to wear at Chris's company party tonight from Nordstrom Rack, then went to Buy Buy Baby to purchase some items. I got the good binkies (are they the only ones who carry them !) .. I would later come home and realize I forgot to look at the sizes for them but thankfully I got two that were < 6 months and four > 6 months .. those ring toys I bought a week ago and mysteriously disappeared a day later (the lady at the cash register was clueless and told me they didn't carry them .. I saw them on my way out so then had to get back in line, ugh), and new swaddlers (one in this cute animal print).

I got home before my mom and when she came home, Chris and I got ready and headed to his company party. It was small and intimate and I ended up losing at blackjack but only because I got greedy at the end ! On the other hand, Chris won huge at poker like he usually does. :) It was really fun to dress up and get out to an adult event even though we didn't win any of the door prizes.

My only complaint is that there was nothing substantial to eat ! Why say that you will serve dinner when you'll serve cheese and crackers and hor devours (not that I didn't like them .. they were delicious, but didn't fill me up). I convinced Chris to get pho afterwards but all the places were closed .. should have gone to Castro.

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