Tuesday, December 18, 2012

NICU revisited

It was a special day for Dexter and me. I packed up Dexter's things, put him in the car seat and we drove 45 minutes to the hospital he was born at to visit the NICU nurses. I had emailed GL prior to the visit and she helped coordinate - all four of the people I wanted to see will be there !

Dexter screamed the whole drive there. I don't know why he hates the car seat so much ! I thought kids were supposed to like driving in the car. Of course, as soon as we got there, he fell asleep in his stroller. I went to the NICU receptionist and asked her to page GL for me. She looked at me and said, "Are you her relative ?" I think it's funny that even though she saw me nearly every day for 85 days that she still doesn't remember me.

GL came out and saw Dexter and said, "OMG, he's so solid !" (which is true, he's quite a chubster now). She took off with him to bring him around and as I was standing there, another mom asked me, "Is that GL's kid ?" HAHA. So I guess Dexter does look pretty Asian. Soon she was back with PM and CN, Dexter's primaries and it was so good to see them. Oh, and while I was waiting, I ran into RA, our social worker (but I figured she'd be easy to page if I didn't just oops run into her).

I really miss these nurses who took such good care of Dexter. They are all the kind of people I wish I was good friends with and they are like family to our family. I can't explain how good it was to see them.

I think Dexter remembers them, too, because he smiled at them ! It was very sweet. I wish we lived closer.

Nurse CN gave Dexter this Raggedy Andy doll .. he loves staring at it ! Though .. whenever we take a picture with him and Andy, he always looks like, wth is this thing !! LoL.

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