Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I did it ...

Today I did something I've been thinking a lot about for a long time. I cut my hair ! I bought a LivingSocial deal and went into it a bit apprehensive. The lady who cut my hair was pretty and nice, and said that I would be able to donate my hair to charity. Then snip snip snip, she cut it straight down in the back. What resulted was this really beautiful A line bob that was longer in front than in back. I looked in the mirror and said, hmm .. and she must have seen my hesitation because she said, "Well, if you kept it like this, you'd still have hair flying in your face and you'd always have to pin it back." And so we continued on as planned.

I had told her that I wanted a cut similar to Ginnifer Goodwin's as I think her pixie cut is really cute. The finished product is just what I envisioned ! I love it and I think I will keep it short (sorry Chris). Originally, I wanted my hair cut because I never know what to do with it and looked messy all the time. It was also inconvenient taking care of Dexter with hair always coming loose and in my face.

Now I use so much less shampoo and with a little bit of hair products, my hair looks done. It's simple enough even I can't mess it up. :)

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